About Us

Dell Sanitary ware, committed to providing continuous innovations to satisfy your aesthetic demand. We ensure to comprehend the customer’s needs and become familiar with the market consistently evolving necessities; to develop and execute fresh designs in ceramic wash basins and flush toilets.

The Company

Dell Sanitary ware was built on the platform of supreme quality standards, aesthetics and with the goal of offering top-notch products 20 years ago.
Since its conception at Gujranwala, Pakistan; today the company has reached the heights of professional excellence in a short period of time because of its relentless hard work and management. The company has revolutionised the industry from simply functional to inspirational.

Our Mission

We regard, we rouse, we improve, we convey; today, tomorrow, regardless of the aspiration, regardless of the challenges. At Dell Sanitary ware we deal with every one of the subtleties, so you don’t have to. Dell Sanitary ware has established itself with a wide range of exquisite products to meet market demand as well as have a research & development department to produce buyer specific and customised, high quality products.

Our Vision

Our enthusiasm and expertise combined with this careful attention to details enables us to provide you with a wide range of integrated ceramic solutions, enabling you to be innovative and plenty of room for imagination.

Quality Product

All items persevere through a severe quality control system that incorporates both mechanised and human examination, with the assistance of most advanced innovations accessible in the market. The company has made every possible effort to ensure improvement in the quality of products through new trends and innovation.